John Wagner has had a long and personal association with Israel and biblical history. For a period, he lived and worked for British Airways in Tel Aviv.

In conjunction with Mark Geller, John also produced a series of widely acclaimed audio CDs called “Bible Newscasts” which depicted biblical events in the format of 15-minute BBC style news broadcasts. They have been heard on radio in Britain and the US and published all over the world.

John’s particular interest in photography stood him in good stead when he became president of Victor Hasselblad Inc., the US subsidiary of the famous Swedish camera manufacturer. The idea of Testaments of Israel was first conceived during a series of visits to Israel when he shot a portfolio of photographs linked to biblical quotations – four of which appear in this book.

Following a successful international business career, John returned to the project and was able to devote the necessary time and resources to bring his concept to fruition and create this unique publication – unquestionably a labour of love.

Mark Geller

After finishing his degrees at Princeton and Brandeis Universities (also spending a year at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Mark Geller came to London University in 1973, where he is now Jewish Chronicle Professor.

For the past 38 years, Mark has served as Director of the Institute of Jewish Studies at University College London. He also spent 9 years as Head of the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies.

He has written and edited numerous articles and books on the Ancient Near East and has been an invited Research Fellow at Universities and Research Institutes in Munich, Philadelphia, Paris and Leipzig, as well as in Holland. He served for nine years as a Guest Professor at the Free University, Berlin.

Generously providing his time and expertise to the hilt and working from the original Hebrew text, Professor Geller meticulously researched over seventy inspirational quotations in Hebrew and English for the Testaments of Israel project.